Given the controversy over the other two round-a-bouts on 66th Street and Portland and 17th Avenues, by a small yet vocal group of regulars, I think it would be great to put round-a-bouts on 76th Street and Lyndale, Nicollet, Portland, and 12th avenues just to get them going again. Otherwise, what would the Richfield Sun have to write about?

fear the round-a-bout….The 17 Avenue Round-a-bout has more sidewalks than just about anywhere else in Richfield, another reason anti-around-a-bout activists are probably angry…

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to see the citizen participation, however, its the disingenuousness about their reasons that gets me. Much of their argument against round-a-bouts is that is is unsafe for the children having to bike and walk around it. What the real issue is they are to embarrassed to admit is that they are afraid is as the saying goes… “an old dog can’t learn new tricks”. I believe most are afraid of it because it is new and different. Some of these same people are great activists against the city government “wasting” money on more sidewalks and on bike paths. So much for ‘who will protect the children…’