I started this site because of my concern that development appeared to be taking place all around me and there was little effort by the neighborhood to take any initiative in the the process. This blog is an attempt by me to first, sort out my thoughts on the matter by putting them down in writing, secondly, provide an area the pools together information and resources pertaining to development along 76th Street.

Development Projects

76th St and Pleasant Ave

The site most of it which is currently owned by the city will be up for redevelopment once it moves its garage to Cedar Ave by the airport in 2008.

There are three family homes on the site as well as an old mortuary building (Gleason’s) now owned by the HRA.

Some of the the options offered up by the attendees at the first workshop include:

  • High Density Low-income housing
  • Garage and maintenance facility for a local private bus company
  • Single family homes
  • Town Homes
  • Office building
  • Park
  • Park and Ride

76th St and Lyndale

Three businesses (Pawn and Gun Shop, Dairy Queen, and a closed restaurant) and four single-family homes occupy the site.

The city says there is interest by most of the owners of these properties to sell and that there is an opportunity to continue progress already made on Lyndale as a gateway into the Richfield community.

Some of the the options offered up by the attendees at the first workshop include:

  • Mixed commercial
  • Town Homes
  • Office building
  • Cultural Center

75th-76th Streetscape Redesign

The City of Richfield is investigating alternatives for redeveloping the 75th-76th Streetscape. Working with a consultant, Howard R. Green Company, the City is leading a series of open houses and work sessions over the next few months to develop and finalize a streetscape design.

The input from these sessions will be used to create a concept for the corridor that reflects the needs of the community and provides recreational and alternative transportation opportunities. This effort builds on previous streetscape alternative development and will be coordinated with the upcoming Metropolitan Council sanitary sewer project along the 75th and 76th Street corridor. As a result of the sanitary sewer construction, sections of the roadway will be removed.

The City is taking this opportunity to develop alternative solutions for the street replacement that will enhance the 75th and 76th Street corridor as an amenity for the community and region. Please attend one of several upcoming meetings.

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