Redevelopment of the Hampton Inn into a Sherition Four Points HotelOk, this is off topic. It is between 77th Street and 494 but still it is about development that can impact the neighborhood. The Richfield city council approved a parking variance and addition for the Hampton Inn at 7745 Lyndale Avenue. What does this mean for 76th Street? Not much really. I don’t think many of us park there, though I did have a friend that stopped in on a regular basis for a free continental breakfast. However, they are selling the building and are building a kitchen addition to make the building more attractive to buyers. The addition will not impact the 76th Street neighborhood, but the building’s sale could, and the fact there was a public hearing with little publicity on the addition and no one showed up is disturbing. Not so much on this property but what kind of public input will the city seek out on other development on 77th that WILL impact the neighborhood?